Trong phần trước các bạn đã được word formation exercises  trong chuyên mục học tiếng anh online, hôm nay tiếp tục bài học về thành lập từ trong tiếng anh từ phần 2,3,4,5,6. Chúc các bạn tích luỹ thêm được nhiều từ mới và kiến thức mới.



Exercise 2

1) We need to find a _____to the problem as soon as possible. (solve)
2) Juan speaks English fluently and makes very few ________ mistakes. (grammar)
3) The teacher keeps a record of every student’s ________ . (attend)
4) Air-conditioning is a _________ if you live somewhere like the south of Spain. (necessary)
5) Don’t be afraid of the dog. He’s absolutely ________ . (harm)
6) The company is trying hard to improve customer ________ . (satisfy)
7) Measures were taken around the world to ________ airport security after the 11 September attacks. (tight)
8) We’re going to change our suppliers as they have become very _______ in the last year. (rely)
9) Patricia’s very ______
10) We need your ________ . She writes short stories, paints and makes mosaics. (create)_ at the bottom of the page. (sign)

Exercise 3
1) The index at the back of the book is in _____order. (alphabet)
2) The fans waved _____as the film star stepped out of the limousine. (excite)
3) Chickenpox is a highly ________ disease which many people catch as a child. (infec t)
4) Matt is very _____.He wants to be number one at everything. (compete)
5) Harry loves cars and he’s so _______ about them. (knowledge)
6) There is little _______of the president being re-elected. (likely)
7) The prime minister thinks there may be a _____to overthrow him. (conspire)
8) In ______ with Tokyo, London and Paris are relatively cheap. (compare)
9) The police were unable to _____that she had committed the crime. (proof)
10) The president’s speech went on for so long that I almost died of _______ ! (bore)

Exercise 4
1) Naomi and Kurt have three children. Naomi also has a daughter from a previous ____ (marry)
2) The film was so _____. You knew exactly how it was going to end. (predict)
3) The goverment is concerned about the significant rise in ________ . (homeless)
4) It has been _____proven that stroking a cat can lower your blood pressure. (scientific)
5) Thanks to the large _____from her grandmother Paula was able to buy a villa in the south of France. (inherit)
6) In the UK it is ________ to sell cigarettes to children under 16. (legal)
7) You can _____ your tea with honey instead of sugar. (sweet)
8) You need to ____the final point of the presentation. It’s rather confusing. (clear)
9) The film turned out to be a big ____. It was really quite boring. (disappoint)
10) The _____between the city’s two football teams is often quite fierce. (rival)

Exercise 5
1) Lizzy has just won a _____ to a world-renowned university. (scholar)
2) It’s _____arguing with them. They are not going to change their mind. (point)
3) You will need your parents’ ____if you want to go on the school trip. (permit)
4) It’s a wonderful restaurant. Great food and excellent service. We ____ recommend it! (high)
5) Thank you so much for the flowers. It’s very _____of you. (thought)
6) Sarah speaks perfect French as she spent much of her _______ in Canada. (child)
7) I’ve ________ my wallet. Have you seen it anywhere? (place)
8) Don’t forget to ______ the modem when you have finished using it. (connect)
9) Ben sulks like a child when he doesn’t get his own way. He’s so _____
10) Oliver’s CV is truly _______ . He’s bound to get the job. (impress). (mature)

Exercise 6
1. It’s totally……………..that you stayed home when you were sick.UNDERSTAND
2. Don’t laugh at his stupid jokes! You’ll only………..him to say them again. COURAGE
3. That sidewalk is (slip), I almost fell!

4. After Monday, I will no longer be a foreigner–I am receiving my (citizen)!
5. Arthur will be very lonely unless you (friend) him.
6. Every afternoon, the cooks (sharp) their knives in preparation for dinner.
7. I hate being around Mary Lou, she is so so (friendly).
8. The stock market crash of 1929 left my great-grandfather (penny).
9. I have a class at 8:00 a.m. but I always (sleep).
10. The groom may (veil) the bride only when their vows have been exchanged
11. I think we should try something else. That strategy seems way too (risk).
12. My father’s death left me with a great (empty) in my heart.
13. George W. Bush is pretending that he attacked Iraq to (liberty) the Iraqis.
14. Americans fought hard to earn their (free) from Britain.
15. When you work at a nuclear power plant, you have to be extremely (care).
16. Every time I think I’ve beaten you, you (do) me!
17. I had to take three months off when I was pregnant, but my boss has been very (understand).
18. He will (cork) the wine as soon as we are ready for dinner.
19. You need to work on your orthography so you don’t (spell) these words.
20. The weather (cast) looks bad for a picnic–rainy and windy!

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