The leading English Translation at DICH SO

The leading English Translation at DICH SO

The leading English Translation at DICH SO

With the current economic growth rate, thousands of foreign enterprises want to come to Vietnam to invest and expand business operations, using English as the primary language for international cooperation and communication. As a result, translation from English to Vietnamese plays an important part in this trend to come.

Accurate English translation

Accurate English translation – The leading english translation at DICH SO

English Translation plays an important role in communication, cooperation, and multinational cultural exchange. It has become a popular need of many individuals, organizations, companies and enterprises who want translations from English to Vietnamese for their work to proceed in Vietnam. As for the locals, alongside Vietnamese as mother tongue, English is the second most popular language used in studying, communications, economics, finance, etc. DICH SO Consulting and Translation Company is one of the best companies providing English translation service with the best of accuracy in the least of delivery wait time around.

Are you looking for an English translation service to ensure the accuracy of your transcripts? Please do not hesitate to call us at our hotline: (+84) 163 286 8888

DICH SO, a professional translation service

“English” has become a very popular keyword, and consequently it has become the keyword in focus of competition in translation sector and also in e-commerce. DICH SO Translation Service with 100% of staff graduating from high – ranking universities: Hanoi university of Technology, National Foreign Language University, RMIT University, is willing to meet all translation demands. Nowadays, English has become the most widely encountered language among translation services since it is an international language used in every aspect of society: social studies, economics and politics, etc. It is also the main language to communicate with and between people from different countries. As the demand for English translation is growing strong, many companies were established to supply this service. At the same time, customers are looking for the best translation partner with accurate translation and reasonable pricing without having any excuse to complain when services are delivered.

Accurate English translation with the best of accuracy, competitive pricing and professional service manners is only presented by DICH SO

Some English translation tools: Google, Vietgle, Bing, Vdict, Tratu, etc. cannot ensure the accuracy of semantic transfer, completeness of context, as well as the exact contents of technical terminologies. Therefore, these tools cannot be applied to translation of specialized English or technical documents. The demand for translation from Vietnamese to English is also fast developing and the service suppliers’ competition in this part of the market is just as lively. Nevertheless, the most important factor to succeed in this business is quality.

We have a staff of translators who are willing to meet your strict requirements for every specialized document and most notably technical translation.

English Translation at DICH SO is your number 1 choice for the following reasons:

+ Professional staff with at least 3 years of experience in the field of translation.

+ Translation quality that guarantees over 95% accuracy with all types of content.

+ Customers’ confidential information is secure with us.

+ Commitment to deliver English translation services at the lowest of prices.

+ Commitment to the quality of transcripts.

+ Accurate translation that closely follows customer’s specific requirements.

+ English translation & notary service are supplied with the least wait time, the highest of quality and at the most competitive prices.

The leading English Interpretation Service at DICH SO:

Along with our strength in English translation, we also supply interpretation services based on the following languages: English, Russian, French, Germany, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai – 8 popular languages and 30 other languages. Up to now, we have translated hundred of documents in many specialized field: technical fields, construction, agriculture, economics, architecture, information technology and overseas academic study applications.

DICH SO – The leading choice for customers

DICH SO Service Consulting & Translation Company is very pleased to become a partner of many domestic and foreign companies and corporations, enjoying mutual trust, reputation and the capability to help affiliates deal with all difficulties in language exchange. DICH SO – the most accurate translation company to supply Vietnamese-to-English services.

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